Who Plays Blind Girl Yeo Ok in A Killer Paradox? Actress Details

A Killer Paradox is a thrilling Korean Netflix series. Seon Yeo Ok is a partially blind girl in A Killer Paradox who is the only witness of murder. Here we have details about the actress who plays Blind Girl Seon Yeo Ok in A Killer Paradox including real name, actress, and character details.

Who Plays Blind Girl Yeo Ok in A Killer Paradox?

Actress Name

Jung Yi Seo has portrayed the role of partially blind girl Seon Yeo Ok in A Killer Paradox. She is 30 years old and has been part of many Korean dramas.

Actress & Character Details

Seon Yeo Ok is a partially blind girl who is a witness to the murder done accidentally by Lee Tang. She along with her dog was passing through the street when Lee Tang hit a man with a hammer. She saw that men dying but pretended to be blind.

Later on, Seon Yeo Ok blackmails Lee Tang regarding that murder and demands 2 million won. He arranges the amount somehow and goes to her house to give her the money. She demands 2 million won every month to keep quiet. She even has the hammer with which Lee Tang hit the person who died.

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Lee Tang ignores her and takes the hammer from her. But she blackmails him to tell everyone including his mother, sister, and everyone around him. Eventually, in anger, he hits her with that hammer and she dies.

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