Who plays Rivi in Griselda Series? Actor Details

Griselda is a famous 2024 Netflix series with an exciting storyline. This series is based on a real-life story and all characters are very interesting. The series viewers must want to know who plays the Rivi in the Griselda. The real-life character Rivi Ayala serving a life sentence in the U.S. Read more about who is Rivi in the 2024 Netflix series Griselda.

Who plays Rivi in Griselda Series?

Real Name & Age

Martin Rodriguez played the character of Rivi in the series Griselda. He is 45 years old talented American actor. He is known for his best acting skills and unforgettable characters in movies and series.

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Biodata & Series

Marin Rodriguez won the hearts of many viewers by performing the main character in the series Griselda. His hometown is Aregtina. His other famous movies and series are “Zanahoria” and “The Name of All the Animals”. He won many awards for his brilliant acting skills.

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