Dario Sepulveda Wiki, Cause of Death, Son & Life Story

Dario Sepulveda was the third husband of Columbian Drug Griselda Blanco. Michael Blanco is the only son of Dario Sepulveda and Griselda Balcno. In the Netflix series Griselda, Alberto Guerra has portrayed the role of Dario Sepulveda. Here we have details of Dario Sepulveda cause of death, Wiki, son, family, and life story.

Dario Sepulveda Wiki


Michael Corleone Blanco is the fourth son of Griselda with her third husband Dario Sepulveda. Michael is the only son of Griselda who is alive now (2024).

dario sepulveda wikipedia cause of death family life story

Dario Sepulveda Cause of Death

Dario Sepulveda was shot dead in 1983 in Columbia. According to Michael, his father Dario was killed by the people who were dressed as policemen and stopped their car. His father tried to escape but they fired on him. Dario died on the spot in the hands of his son Michael due to firing. Michael also narrated that he thinks her mother Griselda sent those men to kill his father Dario.

dario sepulveda wikipedia cause of death family life story

Before his death, he and Griselda were separated. He took his only son Michael with him and came to Columbia. Griselda did not want to leave her son Michael with him. That is expected one of the possible reasons for Griselda’s involvement in Dario’s death.

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Life Story

Dario Sepulveda worked as a hitman for Griselda as well initially. After the death of Griselda’s second husband, she married Dario when she was already the mother of three sons. Although Dario and Griselda could not go along for long. When the clashes between them started, Dario took Michael with him to Columbia.

Griselda was in Columbia and wanted her son to live with her. Although, Dario wanted to send Michael to school in Columbia. When the battle of custody between Dario and Griselda was going on, Dario was murdered. Michael lived with his grandparents after the death of his son.

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