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Who Plays Iris in Bodies Netflix Series? Real Name & Details

The 2023 crime series was released on Netflix and impressed audiences with its thrilling story and talented cast. The series’s script is the perfect combination of suspense, mystery, and action. All characters are entertaining in Bodies. If you want to know who plays Iris in Bodies Netflix Series, a female intelligent detective? Let’s have a look at the Bodies series cast Iris’s real name and biodata.

Who Plays Iris Maplewood in Bodies?

Real Name & Age

The role of Iris Maplewood in Bodies is played by actress Shira Haas. Her age is 28 years old. She won the hearts of viewers with her incredible acting skills. She joined the entertainment industry in 2010.

Who Plays Iris in Bodies

Biodata / Top Series

Shira Haas is known for her pretty looks and best acting in series and movies. She is single and like many other celebrities, she prefers to keep private her personal life. Her popular series are “Unorthodox” and “Harmoon”.

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