Who Plays Honda in A Shop for Killers? Actor Name & Details

Honda is a friend of Jin Man in A Shop for Killer who is mute and initiallye he gave the idea of opening the shop to sell guns and other weapons. Series fans loved the intriguing character of Honda. Here we have details about the actor who plays Honda in the series A Shop for Killers including his real name, age, and other details.

Who Plays Honda in A Shop for Killers?

Actor Real Name

Park Jeong Woo has portrayed the role of Honda in A Shop for Killer Kdrama series. He is 28 years old dashing Korean actor.

Actor & Character Details

Park Jeong Woo’s stealing performance as Honda is loved by the drama audience. His full-of-action acting in A Shop for Killer impressed the audience. Park Jeong Woo appeared in a bl drama in 2022.

Honda is a close friend of Jin Man who works with him along with his brother. He is mute and uses sign language. He is close to his younger brother. Honda had a dream of a shop to run with Jin Man and eventually, they fulfilled their dream.

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Honda sacrifices his own life to save Jin Man and his family. He was a loyal friend of Jin Man who always followed him. Jin Man takes care of his brother after his death.

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