Who is Kyung Min in Doctor Slump? Actor Details

Kyung Min is an intriguing character in Doctor Slump. Kyun Min is also a doctor and close friend of Jeong Woo. Series fans are curious to know about the actor who plays Kyung Min in Doctor Slump and the character details.

Who is Kyung Min in Doctor Slump?

Actor Name

Oh Dong Min has portrayed the role of Kyung Min in the series. He is 37 years old talented Korean actor.

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Actor & Character Details

Kyung Min is the best friend of Jeong Woo. He is a doctor and works with Ha Neul in the Anthology department. His character became a bit suspicious when the story moved forward. He pretends to be a very good friend of Jeong Woo but does not seem sincere to him.

Oh, Dong Min has performed the character of Kyung Min brilliantly. He is an emerging Korean actor. The Interest of Love is his recent TV series. His outstanding acting in the drama Doctor Slump is loved by the audience.

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Kyun Min is a senior at Ha Neul and also seems interested in her. But he does not talk much and never expresses himself. His suspicious character and curiosity linked to the story made the drama more interesting.

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