Who Plays Fernando in Griselda? Actor Biodata

Griselda is an extremely touching series full of action and suspense. Fernando is an intriguing character in Griselda. Fernando is Alberto’s Brother, Griselda’s second husband. Let’s have a look at the details of the actor who plays Fernando in the Griselda series.

Who Plays Fernando in Griselda?

Actor Name

Ernesto Alterio portrayed the role of Fernando in the series Griselda. He is a 53-year-old Argentinian Spanish actor.

Actor & Character Details

Fernando is Alberto’s brother and former boss of Griselda in the series. Alberto takes money as debt from his brother. But he couldn’t return it in time. To avoid any trouble with his brother, he asks Griselda to sleep with his brother Fernando.

Fernando also tells Griselda’s sons that she killed their father Alberto. He uses Dario to keep an eye on and track Griselda after the death of his brother Alberto. He wants to take revenge for his brother’s murder from Griselda. Fernando becomes successful in capturing her through Dario.

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Ernesto Alterio is a versatile and famous actor. He has been part of many famous TV series and movies. He started acting back in 1992. The Stolen Years is one of his most famous movies.

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