Alberto Bravo Cause of Death, Brother, Wiki & Life Story

Alberto Bravo was the second husband of the drug lord Griselda Blanco. Alberto introduced Griselda to the drug, especially cocaine smuggling world. Let’s have a look at Griselda Blanoc’s husband Alberto Bravo cause of death, brother, wiki, family, and life story.

Alberto Bravo Wiki

Relationship with Griselda

Griselda Blanco and Alberto Bravo started their relationship in the 1970s. They liked each other and got married after dating for a few years. When Griselda Blanco married Alberto, she was the mother of three sons and got divorced from her first husband.

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Brother & Family

Carlos Bravo was the brother of Alberto Bravo who was also his partner in the drug business. In the Netflix series Griselda, Alberto Bravo tells Griselda to sleep with his brother Fernando. Because Alberto was in debut and did not have enough money to return to his brother. So, as a compensation, he offered him to sleep with his wife.

Alberto Bravo Cause of Death

The second Husband of Griselda Blanco, Alberto Bravo died during a fight with Griselda in 1975. He died due to a bullet fired from the gun when he was fighting with Griselda. Griselda Blanco is also called Black Widow due to killing her husband.

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Life Story

Alberto Bravo and Griselda worked together to smuggle drugs to America. Initially, he worked in Columbia. But, with Griselda, he extended his business to Miami.

According to reports, Griselda hid the cocaine in her lingerie and smuggled it to the USA. Alberto introduced the world of drug smuggling to Griselda. Before meeting him, she has been in prostitution and a thief.

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