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Who is Eric in Elite Season 7? Actor Real Name & Details

Eric is a new cast member in the Elite Season 7 cast. Eric is Nico’s cousin in the series. He is of carefree and rebellious nature. Series fans are excited to know about the actor who played Eric in Elite 7, his real name, age, nationality, and other details.

Eric in Elite Season 7

Real Name

Actor Gleb Abrosimov appeared as Eric in the Elite 7 cast. He is 31 years old. He is a Russian actor. Elite is the debut series of Gleb.

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Actor Details

Gleb Abrosimov aka Eric (Nico’s cousin) is an interesting rebellious character in Elite. He always likes to do everything the way he wants to do. Eric is an interesting addition to the Elite cast.

Gleb is the only Russian actor in the Elite cast. He has appeared on screen for the first time with the series Elite Season 7. He performed his first-ever role brilliantly.

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