Who is Choi Gyeong A in A Killer Paradox? Actress Biodata

Choi Gyeong A is a victim of a sex video leak in A Killer Paradox series. She works in the same store where Lee Tang works in the fish department. Here we have details about the actress who plays Choi Gyeong Ah in A Killer Paradox series, actress name, age, and character details.

Who Plays Choi Gyeong A in A Killer Paradox?

Actress Name

Im Se Ju aka Lim Se Joo portrayed the role of Choi Gyeong A in the series. She is 32 years old brilliant Korean actress. She has appeared in many Korean dramas in supporting roles.

Character Details

Choi Gyeong A meets Lee Tang in a store where he works after escaping from Daejeon. Once she tells Lee Tang that she thinks they have many things in common like both don’t like rude customers.

Choi Gyeong A’s boyfriend leaked their sex video in which her face was visible. She leaves her city and moves to a far place. One day she meets her high school friend. A few days later, he calls her to tell them that he is going through Sextortion and his girlfriend also left him.

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Gyeong A helps him to get a job and even keeps him in her home. One day, she comes to know that he is cheating on her and is about to get married to his girlfriend. He made Gyeong a fool just to sleep with her and was never honest. When she tells him to leave, he kills her in anger.

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