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Who is Alex in Lupin Season 3 Cast? Actor Details

Lupin Season 3 is released on October 5 and it’s also trending worldwide like seasons 1 and 2. Alex is an interesting character in Season 3. Fans are curious to know about the character Alex. Let’s have a look at Alex in the Netflix series Lupin season 3 cast and actor details.

Alex is Lupin Season 3 Cast

Alex is a character who is Assane’s son Raoul’s couch. Actually, Alex is “Assane Diop” who changed his look after everyone though Assane is dead. Raoul and Claire thought Assane was dead but he actually as close to them as Alex. Actor Omer Say portrayed the role of Alex aka Assane Diop in Lupin Season 3.

Alex was a gentleman and Claire met him when she came to drop her son. He was a kind and soft-spoken man who attracted Claire. But Claire was unaware of the fact that Alex is actually Assane. Journalist Fleur was also suspicious that Assane was still alive. She even met Claire in the presence of Alex (Assane) and Raoul.

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Omer Sy is a super-talented and brilliant actor. His acting as Assane Diop in the series Lupin is admired worldwide. This series became a hit worldwide.

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