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The Devil’s Plan Winner Name & Prize Money – Netflix Show

The Devil’s Plan is one of the most interesting Korean Netflix reality shows in 2023. The final episode of The Devil’s Plan is finally out. Let’s have a look at The Devil’s Plan 2023 winner name, prize money, and other details.

The Devil’s Plan Winner Name

placeThe winner of the 2023 show The Devil’s Plan is Ha Seok Jin. In the final match, Ha Seok Jin and Kwedo aka Orbit competed for the victory. Kwedo aka Orbit came in second place as the runner-up in The Devil’s Plan 2023.

Prize Money

The winner of the show Devils Plan Ha Seok Jin won the prize money of 250 Million won.

Winner Details

Ha Seok-Jin is a talented and dashing Korean actor who has appeared in many dramas and movies in supporting and main roles. He has a very high IQ level of 152 and due to his intelligence and proper planning, he won the show.

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Ha Seok-Jin won the New Best Actor Award for his drama series “I Am Happy”. In the super hit Korean drama series Crash Landing on You, Ha Seok-Jin appeared as Ri Moo-Hyuk, Ri Jeong Hyeok’s elder brother, who was murdered by Cho Cheol-Gang.

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