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Who is Abbi in Sex Education Season 4? Actress Details

Sex Education Season 4 is one of the top trends after its release. A new cast member Abbi has appeared in Sex Education Season 4 cast. Abbi is a trans who is the leader of the group Coven. Here we have complete details of the actress who performed the role of Abbi in the Sex Education final season cast.

Who is Abbi in Sex Education Season 4?

Actress Real Name

British actress Anthony Lexa has portrayed the role of Abbi in Sex Education 4. She is around 23 years old. It is the first-ever series of Anthony Lexa.

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Actress Details

Anthony Lexa aka Abbi is a trans in real life as well. She likes to be referred to as she/her. She is not only a good actress but also a very great singer. Anthony Lexa has a trans partner. She lives in London. She is a very open supporter of LBGTQ.

In the series Sex Education, Abbi is a new member who is Trans. She is in a relationship with Roman performed by Felix Mufti. Abbi is a confident, attractive character who is performed brilliantly by Anthony Lexa. Her colorful character is liked by the audience.

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