Where to Watch Han River Police 2023 Kdrama Series?

Han River Police is a 2023 Kdrama series based on the story of a Police officer whose duty is to petrol Han River in Seoul. Many talented actors are part of this drama series. Let’s dig in to know Where to Watch the Han River Police 2023 Kdrama series and other details about this Korean drama.

Where to Watch Han River Police 2023 Kdrama?

You can watch the 2023 Korean Drama Han River Police on Disney+ and Hulu. Han River Police Korean drama is all set to release on 13 September 2023. You can watch this drama every Wednesday on Disney+.

There are in total 6 episodes of the drama series Han River Police. Bloodhounds’s famed actor Lee Sang Yi is also part of the drama cast. This is an interesting drama based on a very touching story. It shows the story of the incident on Han River and how the Petrol Police helped to resolve them.

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Han River Police is expected to be another top 2023 Korean drama on Disney+. Moving is a recent worldwide top-rated Korean drama on Disney+. The thrilling and adventurous story of drama is loved the Kdrama fans.

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