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Things you would LOVE to know about Naimal Khawar Khan

Naimal Khawar khan is a gorgeous and talented Pakistan Film and Drama actress, a visual artist, and painter. In a very short time span, she won millions of hearts by her fabulous performance and pretty look.

Naimal khawar khan


Naimal Khawar Khan was born in Islamabad and went to Roots College International. After that, she graduated from the National College of Arts in visual arts.

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Naimal’s father is a Pathan and her mother is Persian. She has two younger brothers. She has one elder sister Fizza Khawar.

Naimal khawar is marrying Pakistan Actor and director Hamza Ali Abbasi on 25th August.

Naimal khawar khan

Film and Drama Career

The first time she appeared in Film Verna. After Verna she appeared in famous Pakistani Drama Serial Anna. In Drama serial, Anna Naimal appeared as Izza and she became popular due to the role of Izze within days.

Naimal khawar khan

She gave a fabulous performance in drama serial Anna. In Anna Naimal Aka Izza’s couple was with Usman Mukthar aka altamash. People love their Chemistry and Anna gained more popularity due to these two shining stars Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar.  

Naimal khawar khan

People loved Naimal as Izza and want to see her and Usman Mukhtar in more serials. But Naimal is marrying Hamza Ali Abbasi and she announced to leave showbiz on 22 August because she deseeded to concentrate her visual artwork more.

Visual Artist

As Naimal has graduated in visual arts from NCA, she is a talented visual artist and painter as well. She always loved to work as an artist and acting was never a career she was passionate about.

Naimal khawar khan
Naimal khawar khan
Naimal khawar khan

Naimal is against item Song.

In her interview to express the turbine, she said “I think I would prefer the roles that impact our society, in terms of the social issue. I guess I wouldn’t ever do an item song or something like that”.

Naimal khawar khan

By her statement, it seems that she was picky and her roles and would never select a role just for the sake of money. Instead, she wanted to work for a purpose. Her purpose is to spread awareness among people and educate them by using her skills.

Naimal’s Dream Role

Naimal did not choose acting as a career first but always tried to work for a purpose. She always picks roles which she thinks can have some impact on society. In her final thesis of graduation, she even worked on the topic of transgender to spread some awareness among people. Once she revealed that “She would love to play the role of female James Bond

Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi Wedding

News went viral on 20th August and every fan was equally happy and surprised. Fans gave a mixed sort of reaction. Some were over-excited and some were extremely shocked.

Naimal khawar khan
Naimal khawar khan

Many people even did not believe the news until Hamza Ali Abbasi post on his Social Media account and confirmed the news. After Hamza’s confirmation, their fans got more excited. Their wedding news was trending everywhere and everyone wished them a happy future ahead.

Naimal Announced to leave Showbiz on 22 August 2019

She announced to leave showbiz after her marriage to Hamza Ali Abbasi and she said will concentrate on her visual artwork more now. Her journey in showbiz was very short but she gave remarkable performances.

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