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The Perfect Tenant Turkish Drama Cast & Story

The Perfect Tenant is a Turkish romantic drama series. Dilan Cicke Deniz and Serkay Tutuncu have played the lead roles in the drama Perfect Tenant. It is a romantic drama series based on a very interesting and unique story. Let’s have a look at The Perfect Tenant Turkish drama cast name, story, and details.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance
MF Yapim
Language: Turkish
Duration: 45 Minutes
Total Episodes: 6

The Perfect Tenant Turkish Drama Where to Watch

You can watch the Turkish drama The Perfect Tenant on YouTube.

Writer Name

Nermin Yildirim is the writer of the Turkish drama series The Perfect Tenant.

the perfect tenant turkish drama cast name and story

The Perfect Tenant Turkish Drama Cast

Dilan Cicek Deni (Mona)
Serkay Tutuncu (Yakup Ortac)
Melisa Dongal (Leyla)
Ruhi Sari (Sami)
Ummu Putgul (Sabahat)
Ozlem Tokaslan (Hamiyet)
Deniz Sengiz (Suzi)
Rami Narin
Yigit Kagan Yazici (Leyla)

Release Date

The first episode of the drama was released on 30 August 2022.

Turkish Name

The Turkish name of the drama The Perfect Tenant is Kusursuz Kiraci.

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The Perfect Tenant Turkish Drama Story

The story of Turkish drama The Perfect Tenant revolves around a girl Mona. She spent her childhood in an Orphanage. She works as a reporter for an internet newspaper now. While covering the news of the fire at the house, she meets Yakup. An interesting story starts and they gradually fall in love with each other.

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