The Nest Chinese Drama Cast Name, Age, & Pictures

The Nest is a 2023 historical and thriller Chinese drama. The drama is released from August 27, 2023 to September 27, 2023. The Chinese drama lead cast names are Han Dong and Song Yi. The drama is full of suspense, action, and mystery. watch the dama’s new exciting episodes from Monday to Sunday. Let’s have a look at The Nest drama actors real name, age, and pictures.

Drama Details

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Director: Zhou Yuan Zhou
Language: Chinese
Duration: 45 mints
Total Episodes: 42

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama The Nest will be released on 27 August 2023. The new episode of The Nest is aired daily.

Where to Watch The Nest Chinese Drama

You can watch the Chinese drama The Nest on iQiyi and YouTube.

The Nest Chinese Drama Cast

The Nest Chinese Drama Cast

The cast name of the Chinese drama “The Nest” includes:
Han Dong (Luo Xing Ming) – 42 years
Song Yi (Gu Pan) – 33 years
Leng Hai Ming (Cheng Ting)
Jiang Jian (Lieutenant Li)
Yao Gang
Wan Ni En
Zhoa Yao Ke
Wu Hong
Cheng Cheng
Zhang Li Wen
Ding Jia Wen

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The Nest Chinese Drama Story

The drama story shows the time of 1933 when the Japanese army captured the Shanhaiguan. The drama’s main characters Tain Qiao, Gu Pan, and Tan Zhong were brave and talented agents of the military academy. Gu Pan was wounded during a mission and rescued by a soldier Wei Dong.

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