The Love You Give Me Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story

The love you Give Me is a 2023 romantic Chinese drama. The Love You Give Me drama cast includes Wang Yu Wen, Wang Zi Qi, and Cui Yi Xin. There are total 28 Episodes in this serial and viewers can watch it on YouTube, WeTV, Viki, and Tencent video. This Chinese serial is also available in English Subtitles. Get more details about The Love You Give Me.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Comedy
Writer: Guo Shuang
Ding Ying Zhou
Total Episodes: 28
Language: Chinese

The Love You Give Me Chinese Drama Cast

Wang Yu Wen as Min Hui (Lead Role) – 26 year
Wang Zi Qi as Xin Qi (Lead Role) – 27 year
Cui Yi Xin as Min Quan Quan
Li Chauan as Zhou Ru Ji
Ma Xin Rui as Cao Mu
Chen Xin Hai as Chen Jia Jun
Li Xing Yao as Yao Zi Zhu
Kim Jin as Cheng Qi Rang
Jill Hsu as Xin Di
Mei Bao Lai as Lin Xi Yue
Aliya as Zheng Yi Ting
Li Wei Long as Hardy
Bao Da Zhi as Zheng Bang
Adrian Han as Ding Yi Feng
Barbir Chang as Zhong Mei Mei
Su Zi Shan as Cai Wen Ji

The Love You Give Me Cast

Where to Watch The Love You Give Me

You can watch “The Love You Give Me” on YouTube, WeTV, Viki, and Tencent video.

Release Date

The release date of 24 April 2023 -10 May 2023.

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The Love You Give Me Story

The story revolves around the life of a young girl named Min Hui. She falls in love with Xin Qi. Xin Qi suffered from a heart disease and Xin Qi helped him to fight his disease and think positively about living a long life. Due to some problems, he left Min Hui, and they reunited again after 5 years. Xin Qi has a son, who is also suffering from the same heart disease.

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