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The Devil’s Plan Contestants Age, Jobs – Players Biodata

Korean 2023 reality show The Devil’s Plan was released on Netflix in September 2023. This is among the current top 10 Asian Netflix shows. There are 12 talented participants in the show, who belong to different professions. The players in the show will play different tricky games to become the winner. Get more information about The Devil’s Plan Contestants Age, Jobs, and Players Biodata.

The Devil’s Plan Contestants

The following are the complete details of the participants of the Korean Netflix show The Devil’s Plan.

Seungkwan25 Singer
Ha Seok jin41Actor
Park Kyeing-rim44Comedian
Lee Siwon36Actress
Seo Dong Joo40Lawyer
Kwak Jun-bin31Travel YouTuber
Orbit aka Kwedo40Science YouTuber
Guillaume Party 41 Professional Poker Player
Suh YuminN/AOrthopedic Doctor
Lee Hye-SeongN/ATV Personality & Host
Kim Dong-jae25Biomedical Science Student
Cho Yeon-wooN/AProfessional Go Player

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