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Talha Talib Biography, Age, Height, Family, Olympics, Weight Lifting

Talha Talib is a Pakistani Weight lifter who has represented Pakistani in Olympics. He is a very hard-working and courageous boy. Talha Talib came in fifth place in weight lifting in Olympics 2020. Pakistani are proud of Talha. Let’s have a look at the complete biography, age, height, family, and other details about Talha Talib.

weight lifter talha talib biography

Talha Talib Biography


Talha Talib was born on 3rd October 1999 and he is 21 years old now.

Talha Talib Height

Weight Lifter Talha Talib is 5 feet 6 inches (1.7m) tall.


Weight Lifter Talha Talib belongs to Gujranwala, Pakistan. His father was an Asian weight lifter and won Bronze Medal in 1999 for Pakistan. Passion for Weight Lifting runs in Talha’s blood.

weight lifter talha talib biography

Weight Lifting Career

Talha Talib’s father wanted him to be a Weight Lifter and represent Pakistani at the Internation forum. Due to a shoulder injury, his father couldn’t win a gold medal for Pakistan at International Forum. He trained Talha from the age of 8 years to become a weight lifter.

Talha Talib started his weight lifting training when he was 8 years old. He kept on working hard and his father is his only couch. With his hard work, he won his first gold medal in 2016 at Commonwealth Weight Lifting Championships in Penang.

Talha Talib has represented Pakistani at many International forums in Weight Lifting. He is among the best Weight lifters in Asia. Despite very limited resources and without any special facilities, he work-hard and earned his name making the whole of Pakistani proud.

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Talha Talib at Olympics 2020

Talha Talib represented Pakistan in Weight Lifting at Olympics 2020. He stood fifth at Olympics 2020 held in Tokyo. Although he couldn’t win the gold medal for Pakistan, he won the heart of the whole Pakistani nation. He worked hard without any special facilities for preparation.

Talha Talibs was trending on the social media of Pakistan for making Pakistani proud at Olympics 2020. The public demanded the government of Pakistani to pay some attention to youngsters like Talha Talib and provide them facilities. He can definitely win the gold medal for Pakistan.

Talha Talib Pics

Here are some pics of weight lifter Talha Talib:

weight lifter talha talib biography
weight lifter talha talib biography

Talha Talib Social Media Handle

Instagram: _talhatalib_

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