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Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast Name, Ages, Pictures

Surviving Summer Season 2 cast is very talented, they all are young and make this series more exciting and entertaining with their amazing acting. The series is filmed in stunning locations in Australia. The story shows the real passion of youngsters for surfing. Get more information about the Netflix series Surviving Summer Season 2 full cast members’ real names, ages, and pictures.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast

Sky Katz as Summer

Age: 18 Years Old
She is a young and talented actress and singer. She performed the lead role of Summer in Survival Summer and won the hearts of viewers with her outstanding acting. Her famous series are “Raven’s Home” and “Bunk’d”.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast

Kai Lewins as Ari

Age: 21 years old
Kai Lewins is an Australian actor, his performed the role of Ari opposite Sky Katz. The series’s viewers appreciate his on-screen couple and amazing chemistry with actress Sky Katz. His other famous series are “Roar” and “Moon Rock for Monday”.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast

Annabel Wolfe as Wren

Age: 21 years old
Annabel Wolfe performed the character of Wren in this series. She belongs to Sydney, Australia. Her famous series are “Black Snow” and “Home and Work”. She has amazing acting skills.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast

Joao Gabriel Marinho as Marlon

Age: 24 years old
Joao Gabriel Marinho is a talenetd Brazilian actor. He performed the role of Marlon in Surviving Summer Season 2. This is the debut series of Joao Gabriel Marinho.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast name

Josh Macqueen as Baxter

Age: 22 years old
The young actor Josh Macqueen played the role of Baxter. His unique hairstyle and acting praised the Surviving Summer’s viewers. He is also part of the famous series “Black Snow”, released in 2023.

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Supporting Cast

Savannah La Rain as Bodhi
Chris Alosio as Manu
Dustin Clare as Thommo
Adrienne Pickering as Abbie
Mitchell Hardaker as Griff
Olympia Valance as Elo

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