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Squid Game The Challenge Shooting Location & Filming

The 2023 Netflix reality show “Squid Game The Challenge” is the most watched and popular Korean show. The shooting of the reality show was started in January 2023. The games played by contestants in “Squid Game The Challenge” are based on the same games played by the cast in the series. Get more information about the “Squid Game The Challenge” shooting location.

Squid Game The Challenge Shooting Location

The Show was filmed in Wharf Studio England. Some parts were shot in the Cardington Studio, UK. Its shooting was a big challenge for the director and producer. The 456 contestants were part of the show and play the many challenging games.

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The participants wore green color costumes to play the games and were assigned unique numbers. The set was designed according to the original series. The director of the series “Hwang Dong-hyuk” and series actor Anupam Tripathi participated in the designing process.

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