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Squid Game The Challenge Player 432 Name & Details

Squid Game The Challenge is a very intriguing reality show on Netflix. Player no 432 is a strong candidate in the Squid Game reality show. Fans enjoyed the show as it has a vibe very similar to Squid Game Series. Here we have Squid Game The Challenge Player 432 name, age, and other details.

Squid Game The Challenge Player 432

Real Name

Bryton Constantin is the real name of player 432 in Squid Game.

Squid Game The Challenge Player 432 Name bryton


Bryton is 21 years old.


He is a student who dropped out of the college for the show. He was very passionate about participating in the show.

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Performance in the Show

Bryton Constantin was one the strong candidates in the show Squid Game The Challenge. However, Bryton Constantin was eliminated in episode 3 of the show due to Hussnain. He played the game very brilliantly in the three episodes. Although he got eliminated he made a lot of fans in the show.

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