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Squid Game The Challenge Player 161 Lorenzo Age & Biodata

Squid Game The Challenge is a quite mind-blowing reality show like the series. Player 161 Lorenzo grabbed everyone’s attention in Squid Game The Challenge due to his behavior. Here we have Squid Game the Challenge Player 161 full name, age, and other biodata.

Squid Game The Challenge Player 161 Lorenzo

Full Name

The full name of Squid Game Player 161 is Lorenzo Nobilio.

squid game the challenge player 161 lorenzo biodata


Player 161 Lorenzo Nobilio is 26 years old.

Job & Family

Lorezno Nobilio Player 161 worked as Assest Manager in past. But he left his job as he does not like to socialize much. He is also a dress designer with and degree in fashion design.

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In Squid Game The Challenge Series

Lorzeni Nobilio was among those contestants who were prominent from episode 1 as he took the meal three times which was allowed only once. He also had a fight with Player 302 LeAnne and eventually got eliminated in episode 5 by players voting.

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