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Phalisia Boothe Age, Wife, Daughter, Squid Game Player 229

Phalisia Boothe is Player 229 of the Squid Game The Challenge. She is one the most dedicated players whose sole purpose is to win the game at any cost. Let’s have a look at Squid Game The Challenge Player 229 Phalisia Boothe age, wife, daughter, and family details.

Phalisia Boothe Squid Game Age

Squid Game The Challenge Phalisia Boothe was born in 1992 and she is 31 years old now.


She lives in Colorado with her family. She is very close to her family.

Wife & Daughter

Squid Game Player Phalisia Booth is lesbian. She is happily married. She has a daughter and wants to win the game to provide her with a better life.

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In Squid Game The Challenge

Phalisia Booth is Player no 229 in Squid Game The Challenge. She always played games to keep herself safe. When she got the chance she eliminated the strongest players in the game in order to make the competition less tough.

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