Singles Inferno 3 Final Couples – What Happened at End?

Singles Inferno season 3 was even more interesting than the previous season. Fans were curious till the last episode to know about the final couples in Singles Inferno season 3. Here we have details about Final Couples and what happened in the final episode of the show.

Singles Inferno 3 Final Couples

Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon

In the final episode of Singles Inferno 3, Lee Gwan Hee chose Choi Hye Seon and she also held his hand and left the island. Their chemistry was very interesting since the beginning of their interaction. Although Ha Jeong and Minji also chose Gwan Hee. But Gwan-Hee’s final choice was Hye-Seon.

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An Min Young and Lee Jin Seok

Lee Jin Seok and An Min Young remained together till the end of the show. Jin-Seok liked Min Young at the start of the show. Initially, she hesitated but then she also started to like Jin Seok.

singles inferno season 3 final couples show last episode ending details

Yu Se Eun and Choi Min Woo

Yun Se-Eun and Choi Min-Woo are the cutest couple in the Singles Inferno 3. Min Woo and Se-Eun liked each other. Kim Gyu Ri was also interested in Min-Woo. But in the end, Yu Se Eun and Choi Min Woo choose each other.

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Park Min Kyu and Kim Gyu Ri

Park Min Kyu chose Kim Gyu Ri whom she liked since the beginning of the show. Gyu Ri also held his hand at the end and left the island.

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