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Choi Min Woo Singles Inferno Season 3 Age, Job, Instagram

Choi Min Woo is a member of the Singles Inferno Season 3 cast. He is one the most good-looking boys in season 3. He gained attention for his calm personality and charming looks. Here we have details about Singles Inferno 3 participant Choi Min Woo age, family, Instagram, and other details.

Choi Min Woo Singles Inferno Season 3


Choi Min Woo is 24 years old. He was the youngest male cast member in Singles Inferno 3.

choi min woo singles inferno season 3 age instagram job


Choi Min Woo works as a professional model. He has worked for various brands in South Korea.


Choi Min Woo is from Seoul. He has not revealed more details about his family.

In Singles Inferno Season 3

In Singles Inferno 3, Min-Woo was one the calmest and shy people initially. But gradually, he started to express himself. When Yu Se-Eun expressed her feelings for Choi Min Woo, he also showed interest in her. But, in a later episode when he goes on a date with Kim Gyu Ri She likes him, and he also starts to like him. Choi Min-Woo was sort of confused between both

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Social Media Handle

Choi Min Woo Instagram: choimin_woo

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