Shab e Qadr Nawafil Namaz in Urdu, Laylatul Qadr Prayer

Shab e Qadr is an important night of Ramadan and Muslims offer special prayers on this night. Shab e Qadr 2022 Nawafil in Urdu, Namaz, prayers or Laylatul Qadr prayer is the best source of getting the blessing of Allah in the holy month of Ramadan. Nights of 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, or 29th of Ramadan are known as Shab e Qadr. Let’s have a look at Nawafil in Urdu for Shab e Qadr 2022 or Laylatul Qadr prayers & Nawafils. Salat ul Tasbeeh has many rewards for Muslims on this holy night.

Shab e Qadr (Laylatul Qadr) Nawafil & Namaz in Urdu

12 Rakat Nawafil, her Rakat mein Surat Fatiah K bad 3 Mertaba Surat Ikhlas aur salam pherne k bad 100 Mertaba Tesra (3rd) Kalma Pherna Hai.”

Isha Ki Namaz K Bad 7 dafa Surah Qadr pherhien. 1000 farishte bakhsish ki dua krien gy.”

4 Rakat Nawafil, Her Rakat mein Surat Fatiah k baad 1 Dafa Surat Qadr aur 27 Dafa Surat Ikhlas.”

 “2 Rakat Nawafil, her Rakat mein Surat Fatiah k baad 7 bar Surat Ikhlas. Salam Pharne k baad 7 merta Astaghfar pherhien.”

20 Rakat Nawafil, Her Rakat k mein Surat Fatieh k bad 21 times Surat Ikhlas.Allah Apni Rehmat nazil kre ga.”

Namaz e Isha k baad 7 mertaba Surat Qader pherni chahie.”

2 Rakat Nawafil, her Rakat mein (Al Hamad) k baad 7 baar Surat ul Qadr aur 7 Baar Surat ul Ikhlas. Salam k Astaghfar aur Darood perhien.”

4 Rakat Nawafil, Her Rakat mein Surat Fatiah k bad Surat Koser 1 Dafa aur Surat Surat Ikhlas 3 Dafa. Allah “Azaad e Qabar” se mahfoz rakhe ga.”

“Shab e Qadr mein Eisha ki namaz k bad Nawafil Istakhfar (Maafi) pherhien.”

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