Turkish Drama In Urdu

Sawal e Ishq Turkish Drama Cast Real Name and Pics

Sawal e Ishq is a romantic Turkish Drama dubbed in the Urdu language. This drama has an amazing cast and a very interesting story. Let’s dig in for Real name and pics complete cast of Turkish drama Sawal e Ishq.

Sawal e Ishq Turkish Drama Cast

Here is the real name of Turkish drama Sawal e Ishq complete cast:

Birce Akalay as Asil Arsalan
Ibrahim Celikkol as Ferhat Arsalan
Sinem Unsel as Gulshan Arsalan
Deniz Celiloglu as Yasir Arsalan
Muhammet Uzuner as Namit
Ece Dizdar as Adeela
Arzu Gamze Kilinc as Yashfa, Ferhat’s Mother
Ugur Aslan as Naeem, Asil’s Brother
Ozlem Zeynep Dinsel as Vildan
Timur Olkebas as
Burcu Tuna as Yasir’s Wife
Ceylan Odman as Deniz
Ozgul Sagdic as Abroo

Turkish Name

Turkish Name of drama serial Sawal-e-Ishq is “Siyah Beyaz Ask”. Its English title is “Black and White Love.”


Lale Eren and Ayse Elif Durmaz are producers of the Turkish drama Sawal-e-Ishq.


Sema Ergenekon and Eylem Canpolat are writers of the Turkish drama Sawal-e-Ishq.

Sawal e Ishq Turkish Drama Story

The story of the Turkish drama Sawal-e-Ishq revolves around Asil and Ferhat. Asil is a doctor and a very kind-hearted person. Ferhat is a cold-hearted man who is involved in illegal activities along with his uncle Naimat. Asil meets Ferhat by chance and Asil has to merry Ferhat to save her life.

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Ferhat and Asil hate each other and Asil wants to escape but Ferhat never leaves her alone. Ferhat’s Uncle Naimat is Ferhat’s father but he has no idea about this bitter reality. Asil accepts her fate and wants to start a happy life with Ferhat. But Ferhat does not want to come close to her because of Naimat. Naimat uses Ferhat for all his crimes and does want him to start a family life with Asil.

sawal e ishq turkish drama cast real name

With the passage of time, Ferhat comes to know about the bitter realities of his life. Asil falls in love with Ferhat when she comes to know about the innocent person hidden inside him. Ferhat also fells in love with Asil gradually. They face many problems together in their life but they never leave each other alone.

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