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Dil Ki Dharken Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

Dil Ki Dharken is a romantic and emotional Turkish drama dubbed Hindi/Urdu in 2021. This drama was aired in the Turkish language in 2016. The drama story revolves around the disappearance of the life of a successful man. Let’s have a look at the real name of the cast of the Turkish drama “Dil Ki Dharken”.

Dil Ki Dharken Turkish Drama Cast

Dil Ki Dharken Turkish Drama Cast

Deniz Baysal as Zenaib
Burak Serdar as Gulzar
Ahmet Saracoglu as Kemal
Basak Dasman as Aylia
Cezmi Baskin as Zaniab’s Dada
Batuhan Begimgil as Rafay
Funda Sirinkal as Narmeen
Ebru Aykac as Fahida
Zeynep Elcin as Shanzay
Mehmetcan Mincinozlu as Tariq

Turkish Name

The Turkish name of drama “Dil Ki Dharkan” is “Ruzgarin Kalbi”. This drama is also uploaded with English subtitles with name “Haert of the Wind”.

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Dil Ki Dharken Turkish Drama Story

Dil Ki Dharken drama story is full of emotions and romance. The story revolves around the life of Gulzar and Zeinab. Gulzar belongs to a rich family and lives a successful life. Gulzar lost his fiance in a road accident and this accident changed his life. He started to live in an alone place. Zeinab loved Rafaay and he cheated on her for another girl. Then Gulzar and Zenaib meet and a new journey in their life just started. Gulzar and Zenaib fall in love with each other and start a new life.

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