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Rah e Ishq Turkish Drama Cast Real Name and Story

Rah e Ishq is a Turkish drama in Urdu Dubbing based on the life of a famous Turkish Poet Yunus Emre. Rah e Ishq is broadcasted on Pakistan’s National TV channel PTV Home on the recommendation of Pakistan’s Prime Minister. Let’s dig in to know about the Real Name of the complete cast and story of the Turkish drama Rah e Ishq.

rah e ishq turkish drama cast real name

Rah e Ishq Turkish Drama Cast Real Name

Here is the real name of compete cast of Turkish Drama Rah e Ishq.

Gokhan Atalay as Yunus Emre
Payidar Tufekcioglu as Tapduk Emre
Asuman Cakir as Hanim Ana
Baran Akbulut as Molla Kasim
Mehmet Cepic as Ahi Mesud
Mugi Uyar as Kira
Mehmet Ali Tuncer as Boluluzade Ali Tayagu
Sedat Edris as Demirci Bayram
Umut Tanyolu as Yunus Guyende
Murat Ercanli as Kececi Azmi
Ahmet Talay as Dulger Sahin
Mehmet Ondur as Sahin Bey
Birand Tunca as Dervis Cagri
Arda Kalayci as Yetim Ismail
Ceyda Kasabali as Zahide Sultan
Atilla Kilic as Dervis

Turkish Name

The Turkish name of the drama serial Rah e Ishq is “Yunus Emre”. Its English name is “The journey of Love”.


Turkish drama serial Rah e Ishq is produced by Mehmet Bozdag.

rah e ishq turkish drama cast real name


Mehmet Bozdag is also the producer of the Turkish drama serial Rah e Ishq.


Drama Serial Rah e Ishq is directed by Emre Konuk and Kamil Aydin.

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Rah e Ishq Turkish Drama Story

The story of the Turkish Drama Rah e Ishq revolves around the life of Anatolian Sufi Poet, Yunus Emre. This drama series narrates the journey of Yunus Emre to becoming a Sufi. Yunus Emre traveled from Anatolia to Nallihan. Then he joins the Taptuk Emre’s Dargah, he starts his journey of becoming Sufi.

The story of Yunus Emre takes us back to the time when Mongols attacked Anatolia and the survival of Muslims became very difficult in Anatolia. Yunus Emre traveled to Nallihan. Then he started his journey to seek Allah’s love. This series narrates all hardships, he faced during his journey.

Yunus Emre is of the most famous Turkish poet and Sufi. He has a great influence on Turkish culture. He inspired many Muslims all over the world. Yunus Emre was a Sunni Muslim. His poetry still has a great influence on Turkish culture.

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