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Hilarious Memes about Umar Akmal Inaccurate English

Unluckily, on 19, Feb 2020 Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal shared a picture with cricketer Abdul Razzaq with the caption “Mother from another Brother”. This blunder makes the reason for countless Umar Akmal memes. People started to make hilarious memes after watching this caption on social media. By mistake, he wrote “Mother from another Brother” instead of “Brother from another Mother”. Later on, he deleted this tweet from his account but people are ready to forget this caption. The screenshot of Umar Akmal tweet turns into meme overnight.

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Pakistan cricket board suspended Umar Akmal for corruption on 20, Feb 2020. The cricket board didn’t give any further explanation for his suspension. He is not allowed to take part in any cricket-related activity. This is bad news for Umar Akmal’s fans, they can’t see him playing in PSL 5.

On Friday 21st, Feb 2020 cricketer accepted his mistake of meeting with bookie without informing the Pakistan Cricket Board. After his acceptance, a new debut is open in the world of cricket. This situation leaves a bad impression on the Umar Akmal cricket career. This was all about the storm of Memes about Umar Akmal inaccurate English. Hope Umar Akmal will be more careful next time.

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