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Ali Zafar Responded Hilariously to PSL 5 Anthem Song

PSL 5 Song “Tayyar Hain” faced massive criticism on social media. Singer Ali Azmat who was part of the team “Tayyar Hain” song recently explained the reason for the failure of the song. Ali Azmat blamed Ali Zafar the person who is responsible for the failure. Now, Ali Zafar has responded in an extremely funny way to Ali Amzat for blaming him PSL 5 song “Tayyar Hain” failure.

Ali Zafar has replied to Ali Amzat’s accusation of planned failure of PSL 5 song in a very funny way. He posted a video on his social media account. He said I’m a very powerful guy who is behind every major happening around the world. I am the one who helped trump win. 😀 Ali Zafar suggested his enemies have a dartboard with his picture and hit his picture to reduce their anger. He said if anyone needs any help then “Bhai is Here” because I have unlimited powers according to some people.

Ali Azmat talked about PSL 5 songs in the segment “Masoomana Sawal” of Waseem Badami’s show. Ali Azmat said one of his rival singers hired bloggers to troll PSL 5 songs for the failure of the PSL opening ceremony. Ali Azmat did not clearly take Ali Zafar’s name but when Waseem Badami gave hints about Ali Zafar, he nodded. When Waseem Badami took Ali Zafar’s name then he said you know whom I’m talking about.

This is all about Ali Zafar and Ali Azmat’s hate comment exchange. PSL 5 Anthem song disappointed cricket fans and their showed their anger on social media. But Ali Azmat’s recent comments have taken the whole issue to a new level. Let’s see, what Ali Azmat says in response to Ali Zafar Now!

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