Only For Love 2023 Chinese Drama Cast & Story

Only For Love is an exciting 2023 romantic Chinese drama series. Stunning Chinese actor Dylan Wang and actress Bai Lu have performed the lead role in the drama Only for Love Main cast. Its story is about a young CEO and a reporter girl. Let’s have a look at the 2023 Chinese drama Only For Love cast name, timing, and story details.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Comedy
Director: Guo Hu
Language: Chinese
Duration: 45 Minutes
Total Episodes: 36

Only For Love 2023 Chinese Drama Cast

Dylan Wang – Shi Yan
Bai Lu – Zheng Shu Yi
Miles Wei – Yu You
She Yu Jie – Qin Shi Yue
Jiang Pei Yao – Bi Ruo Shan
Liu Dong Qin – Guan Ji
An Yue Xi – Xu Lu Ling
Lu Chang Jue – Yue Xing Zhou
Dong Xuan – Song Le Lan
Nie Yuan – Guan Xiang Cheng
Daniel Zhou – Yi Yang
Vian Wang – Kong Nan
Zeng Li – Tang Yi
Tu Zhi Ying – Fiona
Lu Zhao Hua – Ada

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama Only for Love was released on 3 November 2023.

Only For Love Chinese Timing & Day

A new episode of this drama is released daily.

only for love chinese drama cast name story and details

Writer Name

Yang Qian Zi is the writer of the Chinese drama Only for Love.

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Only For Love Chinese Drama Story

The story of the Chinese drama Only For Love revolves around a reporter girl Shu Yi. She is a dedicated and hard-working reporter. She wants to take the interview of a popular young CEO Shi Yan. Shi Yi meets Shi Yan by chance. Shi Yan decided to help her by letting her write a story about his company. He wants to help new talented and emerging people. So, he helps her but fate has something different for them.

Their interaction in writing the story of Shi Yan’s company led to the development of feelings for each other. Only For Love is a very interesting drama. Fans are excited to see Love Between Fairy and Devil lead actor Dylan again in a very interesting role. Hello, I’m at your Service lead actor Miles Wei is also part of the drama Only for Love cast.

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