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One Piece Live Action is a 2023 Netflix series based on a Japanese Anime Series. Talented actors from all over the world are part of the One Piece Netflix series cast. Here we have the One Piece live action Netflix series cast name with age, nationality, and comparison with the Anime series.

One Piece Cast Age & Nationality

Roronoa ZoroMackenyu Arata26Japanese, American
Monkey D LuffyInaki Godoy20Mexican
NamiEmily Rudd30American
UsoppJacob Romero27Nationality
SanjiTaz Skylar27British, Spanish
ShanksPeter Gaiot38British
KayaCeleste Loots27South African
KobyMorgan Davies21Jamaican, American
Dracule MihawkSteven Ward33Nationality
HelmeppoAidan Scott27Nationality
AlvidaIlia Isorelys Paulino28Dominican Republic
Buggy (Clown)Jeff Ward36American

One Piece Live Action Cast Comparison

Roronoa Zoro performed by Mackenyu Arata

The character of Roronoa Zoro is a Japanese strong and skilled swordsman with green hair. Japanese-American actor Mackenyu Arata’s performance as Zoro is loved by fans. He is the perfect choice by production for this role.

one piece cast age nationality comparison live action netflix 2023

Monkey D Luffy performed by Inaki Godoy

The character of Monkey D Luffy is very kind-hearted, hopeful, and has a body like Rubber. Inaki Godoy’s performance as Luffy is just brilliant. He has played the role with perfection.

one piece cast age nationality comparison live action netflix 2023

Nami performed by Emily Rudd

The character of Nami is good at directions and very intelligent. Emily Rudd’s performance as Nami is amazing.

one piece cast age nationality comparison live action netflix 2023

Usopp performed by Jacob Romero

Usopp character is anxious, a bit cowardly, and loves telling tales. Jacob Romero has performed the character of Uscopp with perfection.

Sanji performed by Taz Skylar

The character of Sanji is kind, calm, and very cool. Taz Skylar appeared as Sanji and performed the role amazingly.

Koby Performed by Morgan Davies

Koby is a kind-hearted character who wants to help needy people. Morgan Davies played the character of Koby in season 1 of the One Piece Live Action 2023 Series.

Shanks performed by Peter Gaiot

Shanks is a strong and intelligent person who is the leader of the Red Hat Pirates. Peter Gaiot played the character of Shanks brilliantly.

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Kaya performed by Celeste Loots

Kaya is beautiful, kind-hearted, and Usopp’s love. Celeste Loots’s performance as Kaya is just loved by the audience.

one piece cast age nationality comparison live action netflix 2023

Alvida Performed by Ilia Isorelys Paulino

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