Choose Love Movie Cast Name & Pics – Netflix 2023

Choose Love is a 2023 romantic and comedy movie aired on Netflix. The Choose Love Netflix movie lead cast name is Laura Marano. Robyn Snyder announced the movie production in March 2022. The movie is the perfect combination of romance, suspense, and entertainment. Let’s have a look at the Choose Love 2023 movie actor’s real, age, pictures, and much more.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Comedy
United States
Director: Stuart McDonald
Writer: Josann McGibbon
Language: English
Duration: 1 hr 17 mints

Release Date

The movie Choose Love was released on 31st August 2023.

Where to Watch Choose Love

You can watch the 2023 movie “Choose Love” on Netflix.

Choose Love Movie Netflix Cast

Laura Marano as Cami Conway
Avan Jogia as Rex Galier
Jordi Webber as Jack Menna
Scott Michael Foster as Paul Swartz
Benjamin Hoetjes as Florian
Megan Smart as Amalia
Nell Fihser as Luisa
Balir Stang as Dan
Jack Bright as Dylan
Lynette Forday as Lena
Lily Riley as Attractive Woman
Jehangir Homavazir as Greg
Lucy Wigmore as Susan
Robert Mignault as Limo Driver

Choose Love Movie Cast

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Choose Love Movie Story

The movie story revolves around the life of a young and beautiful girl Cami. She has a perfect job and a handsome boyfriend, but suddenly she starts to feel something is missing in her life. Her feelings take a new turn when her ex-boyfriend Rex comes back into her life.

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