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Nida Yasir Criticized for asking Insensitive Questions to Marwah’s Parents

Nida Yasir is one of the most famous Pakistani Morning show hosts. She is hosting a morning show for many years. Recently, Nida Yasir invited the parents of 5 years old Marwah who was raped and killed a few days back. Nida Yasir asked them some meaningless questions and the audience did not like her attitude. Nida Yasir faced massive criticism on social media for inviting Marwah’s Parents for an interview and then treating them insensitively.


 In an interview with Marwah’s parents, Nida Yasir asked them what the condition of Marwah was when they found her dead boy. She also asked them about their feeling when they came to know about this tragedy. Nida Yasir asked them about the whole scenario and the condition of Marwah’s Parents was very pitiable while telling the whole story again.

Nida Yasir’s interview with Marwah’s parents has faced backlash on social media. The public is demanding her show to be banned. Due to rubbish questions by Nida Yasir, parents felt pretty uncomfortable. Marwah’s mother was not even able to speak. Her father answered a few questions but he was also suffering the whole pain again.

People have raised the question of Nida Yasir’s behavior with Marwah’s parents. People think she has not only hurt her parents but the whole nation by repeating the incident. Public accessed Nida Yasir doing all this for rating only.

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