Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast Real Name & Pics, Geo TV

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine is a 2021 Geo TV drama with a lead cast name Hajra Yamin, Mohsin Abbas Haider, and Maryam Nafees. This drama is written by Naila Ansari and directed by Shaqielle Khan. The drama story revolves around a young married girl named Komal who misbehaved with his family members and faces many problems in her life due to her rude attitude. Let’s have a look at Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Geo drama cast names, age, and real-life pictures.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast Name

Hajra Yamin as Komal
Mohsin Abbad Haider as Omar
Maryam Nafees as Seher
Rushna Khan as Zaini
Farhan Malhi as Hamza
Haris Waheed as Bazil
Fareeha Jabeen as Faouzia
Minahil Naveed as Faiza
Mohsin Aijaz as Sarfaraz
Seemi Pasha as Shehnaz

Hajra Yamin (Komal)

Hajra Yamin is performing the role of the lead role of Komal. Komal is a negative character, who wants to control the life of her all family members. Due to her ego, she ruined her relationship with all people around her. Hajra Yamin is a talented actress and she can perform both positive and negative roles. Her recent drama is Mere Apne with Ali Abbas and Zainab Shabbir. She is 27 years old. She is not married yet and lives in Karachi with her family.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine drama cast name

Mohsin Abbas Haider (Omar)

Mohsin Abbas Haider is performing the role of Omar. Omar got married to Komal and faced his rude behavior. He got married to his cousin Seher and Komal didn’t accept their relationship. Komal started to create more complications in Omar’s life. Mohsin Abbas Haider’s recent drama is “Baddua” with Amar Khan. He is 35 years old. He is divorced and lives in Karachi with his family. He started his acting career in 2015.

Maryam Nafees (Seher)

Talenetd Maryam Nafees is also part of the cast of Mohabbat Chor Di Maine. She is performing the role of Omer’s second wife named Seher. Seher is simple and innocent. She belongs to an uneducated family. After the wedding of Seher and Omar, Komal started to create misunderstandings in them and ruined the relationship. Her acting is amazing in this serial. Maryam Nafees is 27 years old and she lives in Karachi. She got married in 2021. She started her acting career in 2015. She is known for his drama “Diyar-e-Dil”.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine drama cast name

Rushna Khan (Zaini)

Rushna Khan is a rising star in the Pakistan drama industry. She is performing the character of the younger sister of Omar named Zaini. She is the wife of famous newscaster Shahzeb Khanzada.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine drama cast name

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Farhan Malhi (Hamza)

Farhan Malhi is a talented actor, he appeared in many hit dramas with supporting and lead roles. In Mohabbat chor Di Maine, he is performing the role of Hamza.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine drama cast name

Haris Waheed (Bazil)

Seemi Pasha (Shahnaz)

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