Mikaal Zulfiqar & Mashal Khan Pair up for Massi Aur Meera

Talented and Handsome Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mashal Khan will perform together in their upcoming drama serial Massi Aur Meera on Ary Digital. They shared BTS pictures of drama at their social media account. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mashal Khan are looking beautiful together and will appear as the next best on-screen couple. This drama is produced by iDream Entertainment and directed by Syed Ramish Rivzi.  

Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mashal Khan

Massi Aur Meera drama will be full of emotions, romance, and comedy. Mikaal Zulfiqar will appear in a different character. He performed in super hit drama Ruswai with Sana Javed, his role was negative in Ruswai but viewers appreciate his incredible acting skills. His real name is Main Mikaal Patras Zulfiqar and he was born in London on 5 September 1981. He spent his early childhood in London and later on moved to Lahore with his family. He started his acting career from a Bollywood movie Godfather in 2007.

Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mashal Khan
Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mashal Khan

Mashal Khan got popular in 2018 from her acting in the hit drama “Suno Chunda” with Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz. She played the role of Kinza in Suno Chunda. She also performed in Mere Humduma and Khaas. She is a talented actress with a charming personality. Mashal Khan is engaged with actor Ali Ansari.

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