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Maya Ali spread awareness about Coronavirus

Famous Pakistani actress Maya Ali recently returned from the United States. Maya was in the US for the fundraising campaign for Shaukat Khanum Hospital. She returned a week before the confirmation of the first Coronavirus case in Pakistan. Maya Ali was tested for Coronavirus when she returned to Pakistan. Fortunately, she tests negative for coronavirus. Maya Ali has now spread awareness through social media to the Pakistani public regarding coronavirus.

maya ali coronavirus pakistan

Maya Ali shared a video on her social media. In the video, Maya Ali was cleaning her own house door, grill and every possible place where we touch often, with disinfectants. Maya urged people to start cleanliness from their homes. She shared her own experience with the public about fear of Coronavirus she went through.

After returning from America, Maya Ali self-isolated at her home and tested for Coronavirus. Before the result of her test, she was in a very panic situation. She shared her situation and the difficult time she passed through. She cleaned her home and urged Pakistani people to take care of cleanliness at their homes. She also advised people to stay at home as they can.

Other than Maya Ali, many other celebrities of Pakistan showbiz industry spread awareness about coronavirus. Minal Khan urged all Pakistani influencers to spread Coronavirus prevention and the need for isolation among Pakistani citizens. Hania Amir, Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain, Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly, and Feroz Khan also shared the message to wash hands frequently and stay at home to prevent coronavirus.  

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