Love Deadline Shi Eto Age, Job, Boyfriend, IG & Biography

Love Deadline contestant Shi Eto came into the limelight after participating in this Netflix reality show. She is a talented girl and the best example of beauty with mind. Find more details about Love Deadline member Shi Eto’s biography, age, family, job, age, boyfriend and other details.

Love Deadline Shi Eto

Age & Height

Shizuka Eto aka Shi’s age is 32 years old and her height is 5 feet 6 inches. She has Japanese nationality.

Love Deadline Shi

Job & Biography

Shi Eko lives in Tokyo, Japan, and continues her career as a fashion model and Spa Manager. In the show, she expresses her interest in a contestant in Okapi and chooses him for a date. Her interest in reality show was to find the right person for marriage.

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Social Media Handles

Love Deadline Shi’s Instagram: shizuka_eto


What is the age of Love Deadline’s Shi Eto?
Shi Eto is 32 yaers old.
What is the profession of Love Deadline’s member Shi?
Shi Eto is a model and Spa Manager.

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