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Love Deadline is a 2024 Japanese reality show, released on Netflix with a bundle of excitement and entertainment. This dating show consists of talented men and women from different professions, they want to marry the right person and start the new journey of their lives. On their 30-day journey, they spend time on a beautiful island. The women are given on chance to propose their favorite man among the members. Let’s take a look at the Love Deadline Japan show cast members complete biodata and pictures.

Love Deadline Cast Members

Love Deadline Female Participants


Nona is a most popular contestant on the show Love Deadline. She is 35 years old and she is a famous actress and model. She played the role of lead actress in many dramas and movies.


Anna has a charming personality, she is 28 years old and works in a foreign company. She is young and talented and wants to choose the right person to start the new journey of her life.

Love Deadline Cast Members

Sayu – Age (29) & Job (Nurse)

Love Deadline Cast Members

Shi – Age (32) & Job (Spa Owner & Model)

Love Deadline Cast Members

Saki – Age (27) & Job (Yoga Instructor)

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Love Deadline Male Participants

Kei – Age (34), Job (Fund Compnay Job)
Taka – Age (29), Job (Cosmetic Surgeon)
Yuta – Age (30), Job (IT Professional)
Fuku – Age (31), Job (Marketing Company Owner)
Okapi – Age (37), Job (Actor & Event Manager)

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