LOCUST Attack in Karachi, Netizens Make Hilarious Memes

On Monday Morning, swarms of locusts attacked Karachi and all people in Karachi were extremely disturbed due to the Locust attack in Karachi. Different areas of Karachi including Malir, Korangi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, and many adjacent areas were affected due to locust attacks in Karachi.

Locust Attack Memes

Some people shared the video of the terrific scene of the locust attack on Twitter which made all Pakistani concerned about this swarm of Locust.

Famous Pakistani Model and actress Sunita Marshall shared the Locust attack view outside her house.

Many Karachi citizens shared their concerns about this terrible situation in Karachi.

When the Locust attack in the Karachi issue was highlighted on social and electronic media the Sindh Agriculture Minister was asked the reason for it. Sindh Agriculture Minister said “These swarms of Locust will leave the Karachi within 2 days. These Locusts are completely harmless and won’t affect the citizens. All citizens can do is eat these harmless locusts.”

After this statement from the Sindh Agriculture Minister People of Karachi are continuously being trolled. Many people who live in other cities of Pakistan made fun of this statement of the Agriculture minister. Many people shared memes regarding this issue on their social media accounts.

Some said that these grasshoppers can be used to cook biryani or some Karachi special grasshopper karahi.

Some said now Karachi people can enjoy grasshopper BBQ for free.

Some suggested the variety of dishes that people of Karachi can cook from these Locusts and enjoy a delicious meal.

Apart from trolling some people were very upset due to this swarm attack in Karachi. Although the minister says these locusts are harmless but still they are causing a very disturbing life routine for people.

Some people considered it as ALLAH ka AZZAB due to all the bad habits present amongst us.

Although some people tried to defend the point of the Agriculture minister and provided some proven fatwa on this topic.

Locust Attack in Karachi has also affected many life routine activities. These swarm of locusts affected the Cricket match at National Stadium Karachi between Sindh and Northern. Rescue teams have been sent to the affected areas in Karachi.

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