Life is Drama 2024 Chinese Drama Cast & Story

Life is Drama is a 2024 romantic Chinese drama series. This drama is based on a very intriguing storyline. Young and talented Chinese actors perofmred lead role in the drama. Here we have Life is Drama 2024 Chinese drama cast name, story and other details.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance
Language: Chinese
Duration: 6 Minutes
Total Episodes: 24

Life is Drama 2024 Chinese Drama Cast

Pu Yu Tong as Shangguan Chuxia
Wang Xuan as Mr Yun
Zhou Qian
Yuan Chan Hang

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama Life is Drama was released on 5 February 2024.

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Life is Drama 2024 Chinese Drama Story

The story of 2024 Chinese drama Life is Drama revolves around a daughter of CEO Shangguan Chuxia. She loses her memory in and accident and her father is framed in a case. She works at a hotel where she meets Mr Yun. He tells her that he is her father’s friend and wants to to help her becasue her father told him so. Gradully, both fell in love with each other.

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