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A Killer Paradox is a 2024 Korean Netflix series starring brilliant Korean actors in the cast. Its story is about a University student with supernatural powers to detect evil and a detective who investigates murder cases. Here we have the 2024 Netflix Kdrama A Killer Paradox cast real name, actor, and actress details with pictures.

A Killer Paradox Kdrama Cast Name

Choi Woo Shik as Lee Tang

Choi Woo Shik has performed the role of Lee Tang in Kdrama A Killer Paradox. He is 33 years old talented Korean actor. Our Beloved Summer is one of his top famous dramas.

a killer paradox kdrama cast name actors

Choi Mi Geum

Choi Mi Geum played the role of a nude girl in the bed scene of Lee Tang (Choi Woo Shik) after the first accidental murder.

Lim Se Joo as Choi Gyeong A

Actress Lim Se Joo aka Im Se Ju has performed the role of Choi Gyeong A (Choi In Seoun) Who is the victim of a sex video leak and works with Lee Tang in a shopping center.

Jung Yi Seo as Blind Girl

Jung Yi Seo played the role of partially blind girl Seon Yeo Ok in the Kdrama A Killer Paradox. She is 30 years old gorgeous and talented Korean actress. She has performed supporting roles in many Korean dramas.

Kim Yo Han as Roh Bin

Kim Yo-Han played the role of Roh Bin aka Robin Korean Netflix series A Killer Paradox.

Lee So Won as Kang Yeon Seo

Lee So Won has played the role of Kang Yeon Seo, a victim of two thug boys, who does suicide, and his father wants to take revenge.

Oh Hye Won as Detective Lee Yu Jeong

Oh Hye Won has performed the role of female detective Lee Yu Jeong. She appeared in a few scenes, but more of her part was in episode 8.

Roh Jae Won as Ha Sang Min

Roh Jae Won played the role of Ha Sang Min who is a friend of Choi Gyeong and kills her when she comes to know about his reality.

Son Suk Ku as Jang Nan Gam

Son Suk Ku performed the character of Jang Nan Gam in the Kdrama A Killer Paradox. He is 41 years old versatile dashing Korean actor. He got huge fame for his drama My Liberation Note.

a killer paradox kdrama cast name actors

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Jo Seok Hyeon as Kim Myeong Jin

Jo Seok Hyeon played the role of Kim Myeong Jin in the Korean drama A Killer Paradox.

Lee Hee Jun as Song Chon

Lee Hee Jung performed the character of Song Chon in the Kdrama A Killer Paradox. He is 44 years brilliant Korean movie and drama actor.

Drama Details

Genres: Crime, Thriller
Director: Lee Chang Hee
Language: Korean
Total Episodes: 8

Release Date

Kdrama series A Killer Paradox was released on 9 February 2024.

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