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Khushbo Mein Basay Khat Drama Poetry – Romantic Shayari

Khushbo Mein Basay Khat is a famous romantic Pakistani drama with an exciting story. The outstanding acting of actor Adnan Siddiqui makes this serial more entertaining. He played the role of a romantic poet and his Shayari stole the show. In this drama, other main characters are performed by Kinza Hashmi and Sidra Niazi. Here, we have shared the Khushbo Mein Basay Khat Drama Poetry in Urdu. The romantic shayari impresses the drama viewers.

Khushbo Mein Basay Khat Drama Poetry

“Aik Shayer Tha Aik Admi Tha
Meri Dono Se Khub Dosti The
Dono Aik Dusre Se Jalte Thay
Aur Lerte Thay Mujh Se Subh-o-Sham
Admi Kam Chor Deta Tha Aur Shaer Kalam
Jab Mujhe Kam Koi Peta Tha
Admi Admi Se Lerta Tha
Jab Zara Mayal-e-Sukhan Hota
Ja Ke Shaher Ke Samne Rota
Chal Raha Tha Yeahi K Tum Aay
Chal Raha Tha Yeahi K Tum Aay
Krne Mere Hawas Gum Aay
Tum Na Shaher Na Admi Ho
Aaj Se Tum Hi Meri Zindgi Ho”

“Khud Tarahsa Hai Jab Se But Apna
Butparasti Se Ishq Ho Gaya Hai
Jab Se Dekha Hai Us Fakerun Ko
Faka Masti Se Ishq Ho Gaya Hai”

“Thuj Se Jo Biyaan Ker Doow
Osaaf Tumhare Thuj Ko
Tu Teri H Nazer Lag Jae
Her Sheher Mein Hoon Gy
Tere Husan Ke Cherche
Zamane Ko Jo Teri Khaber Lg Jae”

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“Choti Choti Gulaiow Mein Rahne Vali
Vo Chader Posh Larki
Udaas, Pareshan, Ankhow Mein Chalaki”

“Teri Nazrow Ke Hasar Mein Rehna
Baar Baar Rehna”

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