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Fawad Khan Singing “Khel Ja Dil Sa” PSL 5 New Song

PSL 5 Anthem song “Tayyar Hain” did not meet the cricket fans’ expectations. Instead “Tayyar Hain” was trolled on social media and cricket fans were extremely disappointed. But now Coca-Cola has decided to release a new anthem song for PSL 5. This PSL 5 song will be full of laughers and energy.

PSL 5 New Song

psl 5 new anthem song

PSL 5 new anthem song will be sung by Fawad Khan, Aima Baig, and Haroon Shahid. The song title is “Khel Ja Dil Sa”. This song is written by Xulfi. This song will be full of energy and emotions. Cricket fans are eagerly waiting for the new anthem song.

psl 5 new anthem song
psl 5 new anthem song

PSL 5 song “Tayyar Hain” by Ali Azmat and Asim Azhar was extremely criticized on social media. Tons of hilarious memes were made regarding “Tayyar Hain”. The song was viral on social media within a few hours and was trending on the number on YouTube for not for good reasons. Due to heavy criticism by fans, later on, Asim Azhar apologized to fans for not meeting their expectations.

Now to compensate “Tayyar Hain”, Coca Cola is all set for new anthem songs this time, a strong team of most famous and loved singers is working hard to cricket fans’ expectations. Let’s hope “Khel Ja Dil Sa” will touch cricket fans’ hearts.

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