Kang Bo Gyeol in Castaway Diva Male Lead Actor Details

Kang Bo Gyeol is the male lead character in the KDrama Castaway Diva. Jung Ki Ho, the most interesting character in the series is actually Kang Bo Gyeol. Series fans are excited to know about the actor who plays the male lead role Kang Bo Gyeol real name, age, and details.

Kang Bo Gyeol Castaway Diva Real Name

South Korean actor Chae Jong Hyeop portrayed the character of Kang Bo Gyeol in the series. His age is 30 years.

Actor Details

Kang Bo Gyeol aka Jung Ki Ho is the male lead character in the series. Bo Geol changes his identity in order to hide from his father who is still searching in order to take his revenge. Kang Bo Gyeol works as a producer at YGN Entertainment who helps Seo Mok Ha become a singer.

Actor Chae Jong Hyeop performed the character Bo-Geol brilliantly. He was also part of the famous Korean drama Nevertheless. He is famous for his amazing acting skills and charming looks.

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Jung Ki Ho aka Bo Gyeol’s character was a mystery in the series Castaway which was resolved in Episode 7 of the series. Series fans are in love with the touching storyline and interesting characters in the drama.

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