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Funny Memes on Asim Azhar & Areeka’s Song TUM TUM

Asim Azhar released his song “Tum Tum” on 2nd July 2020. In the video of Song Tum Tum Hania Amir, Tik Tok Star Areeka Haq and vlogger Moroo has performed. It’s the first-ever video song of Tik Tok star Areeka Haq. As soon as the song was released, it started to trend on social media. People trolled Asim Azhar, Areeka Haq, and especially Hania Amir after the release of Tum Tum Song. People shared funny memes about the song Tum Tum, Asim Azhar, and Areeka Haq part in the video and Hania Amir’s appearance.


Hania Amir appeared at the end of the video song just for a few seconds. But Hania Amir’s entry is considered completely useless in the video. Many hilarious memes about Hania Amir are circulating on the internet. Tik Tok Star Areeka Haq appeared in the video as a gold-digger girl. A girl who is in a relationship with many boys and ditched every boy after getting money by fooling him.

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Vlogger Moroo has also appeared in the video and his fans just loved his part in the video. Some fans were extremely disappointed by such a low standard video song. The culture shown in the song is not acceptable at all. Areeka Haq and Asim Azhar are shown drinking together in a bar and Hania Amir appeared in western dressing. Trollers have made fun of song Tum Tum and these Memes will make you laugh out loud. Some fans just considered this song a waste of time. Some declared it more hilarious than song Ko Ko Korina.

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