Gyeongseong Creature Seishan Character & Actress Details

Seishan is the main character in Gyeongseong creature who turns into a horrific creature due to Kato’s experiments. Seishan is Chae-Ok’s missing mother. Here we have complete details about the character of Seishan in Gyeongseong Creature and details about the actress who played this character.

Who is Seishan in Gyeongseong Creature?

Actress Real Name

Kang Mal Geum has portrayed the role of Seishan in the Korean series Gyeonseong Creature. She is 44 years old brilliant and beautiful Korean actress.

Actress & Character Details

Seishan is Chae-ok’s mother in the Gyeongseong series. She was kidnapped by Lady Maeda and was used as a subject for the experiment in Ongseong Hospital. Seishan has turned into a horrific and strong creature as a result of the experiment. She had been missing for the past 10 years and Chae-ok was looking for her along with her father.

An interesting twist and story unfolds when Lady Maeda reveals that she is in love with Chae-ok’s father. But his father loved her mother so, she sent her Seishan to Ongseong Hospital for the experiment. Despite being a cruel creature, Seishan recognized her daughter the moment she looked at her.

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Kang Mal Geum is a talented actress and she has always performed her all characters brilliantly. She was also part of the super hit series Squid Game. Kang Mal Geum portrayed the role of lead actor Gi Hun’s wife in the series Squid Game.

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